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Studio of Laboratory of

“Acoustic Music Technology”


Music Studies Department

Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


Studio Equipment List

2015 update



(2) Neumann M-149 tube, multi pattern

(2) RODE NTK tube, cardioid

Studio Projects T-3 tube, multi pattern (50s AKG sound) (on request)

U-47 clone, tube, multi pattern (on request)


Neumann KU-100 dummy head

(4) Neumann KM-184 cardioid (including a matching pair)

(2) Neumann TLM-103 cardioid

(2) Audio Technica AT4050 multi pattern

(4) AKG C3000

RODE NT4 stereo XY

RODE NTG-1 shotgun with Blimp and Boompole

RODE NT-1000

Blue Baby Bottle (on request)

Blue BlueBird (x2) (on request)

Oktava MK319 (on request)

Line Audio QM12 quad channel-surround-dual MS mic (on request)

Line Audio CM2 small diagram cardioid (on request)

(7) Behringer ECM-8000 omni condenser (on request)


(4) Beyer Dynamic M-160 ribbon (5th mic on request)

(2) Beyer Dynamic M-130 ribbon

(2) Beyer Dynamic M-260.80 ribbon

Bang and Olufsen BM-5 stereo ribbon 60s vintage (on request)

(2) Oktava ML-52 big ribbon (on request)

(2) T-Bone RB-100 ribbon (on request)


(2) AKG D-112

Shure SM58

(2) Shure SM57 (3rd mic on request)

(2) Sennheiser MD-416 (on request)

(4) Sennheiser MD-421 (3 cream vintage 60s-70s and 1 black 80s) (on request)

(2) Sennheiser MD-441 (on request)


(2) AKG BL512