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Analysis, perception, processing and singing voice synthesis

Acoustic analysis, synthesis and modeling of the singing voice

Analysis / synthesis of the singing voice and vocal styles in traditional and folk music

Analysis of Byzantine chanting voice

Analysis of prosody in tragic drama speech

Visual interface of vocal training using different tunings

Music technology in education

Voice and emotion

Experimental Archaeomusicology

Acoustic study of traditional and ancient reconstructed organ

Reconstruction of the prosody of speech in tragic drama

Voice and Archaeoacoustics

Acoustic Ecology and Bioacoustics

Mapping and reconstruction of historical and natural soundscapes

Mapping and analysis of cicadas

Modeling of cicadas' choir

Recording music ensembles: technical and aesthetic approaches

Recording and mastering techniques

Developing new acoustic techniques for recording in real time

Recording techniques on traditional instruments

Database for greek traditional and ancient Instruments

Music creation and performance with interactive media

Audio-visual interactive media

Interactive soundscapes

Stochastic Models in I. Xenakis works

Cyber models in A. Logothetis' works

Zoomousikology / Mythology in F.B. Mȃche's works

Music technology in education

Music and Mathematics

Music and Acoustic Ecology

Creatιng soundscapes

Training voice with new technologies

Music and cognitive sciences

Voice and brain

Music and artificial intelligence

Computational models in music