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1.Eleni Tavelidou: Study of the effect of the rotating acoustic panels to the acoustic behavior of the Music Lab Studio Acoustics Technology DMS / UOA (supervisor: Ch.Spyridis)

2. Christos Vlachos: Library of processed rock electric guitar samples in ACIDWAV and RX2Format (supervisor: Ch.Spyridis)

3.Thanos Nikolopoulos: Sound Library of Rock vocals (supervisor:Ch.Spyridis)

4. Joanna Zioga: Cognitive and analytical approaches (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou)



5.Christina Karpodini: Acoustic ecology and soundscape composition: technical and aesthetic approach (supervisor: A. Georgaki)

6. Liana Gkiozou: Acoustic ecology and creative learning: the birds as a mean of musical perception (supervisor: A. Georgaki)

7.Vrez Chatsatourian: Resynthesis of memory soundscapes: One hundred years since the Armenian genocide (supervisor: A. Georgaki)



8.Despoina Gkogkou: Music education within interactive whiteboard (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou / Sm.Chrysostomou)

9. Constantinos Sambanis: The epistemology of musical improvisation (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou).

10.Konstantinos Saivanidis: Cicada whisperer: an interactive application for the rhythm of the cicada (supervisor: A. Georgaki)

11.Giorgos Matsaggou: Online music performance through MusiNet (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou / Ch. Alexandraki)

12. Telemachus Kotsis: Digital Library of Ancient Lyra samples (supervisor: A. Georgaki / St. Psaroudakis)

13.Kleoniki Chryssanthakopoulou: Vocal style in singing: Technical, acoustic analysis and aesthetical approach (supervisor: A. Georgaki)

14.Eirini Makri: The influence of emotions in singing voice: acoustic analysis and evaluation (supervisor: A. Georgaki)

15.Anthoula Nikolaki: Acoustic study of voice directivity in the ancient theater of Argos (supervisor: A. Georgaki / C. Kampourakis, EMP)

16.Petros Papoulias: Vocal training in concervatories using new technologies in order to improve pitch accuracy (supervisor: A. Georgaki)

17.Stafroula Boti: The boomwhackers as a technological tool to address violence in schools in the first adolescence through music. (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou and / Sm. Chrysostomou)

18.Ioanna Panagatou:Cognitive aspects of the functionality of music in cinema (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou)

19.Antonis Avgoulas: Blues guitar improvisation and social psychology (supervisor: Ch. Anagnostopoulou).