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SEMINARS 2015-16


 Gesture Sonification. An Artistic Research Approach

 (Dr.Pietro Polotti, Ass. Professor, Conservatorio Tartini, Trieste, Italy)


Lecture: Interactive dance

Wednesday 14/10 at 12.30


Workshop: Sonic Interactive Arts.

Friday 16/10 (12.00-15.00)

Monday 19/10 (12.00-15.00).


The experience of Live Electronics in contemporary music pointed out one of the main problems of the musical production by means of new

technologies: the importance of real-time control of the electronically produced sound. It is a matter of recovering expressiveness and, more in general, an embodied relationship with the creation of musical sounds.

Nowadays, such a research path emerges in the more general context of the interactive arts. The objectives of interactivity are many and varied, with a common and constant element: a reflection and interrogation on the potentialities offered by new technologies in terms of recovering the body in the relationships with digital tools.

In this sense, creating sounds through computers becomes part of an innovative and fertile artistic world. In interactive arts, in fact, it is standard practice to approach and merge into a single artistic product multiple channels of communication regarding different modes of perception that can go from the auditory to the visual, tactile and proprioceptive ones. This way of proceeding, defined with the term multimodality, refers not only to the presence of several stimuli that act simultaneously, but also to their synergic action that creates something different from the simple sum of the individual components.


The workshop is an introduction to the scenario of interactive sonic arts.

The theoretical part will be followed by practical experiences aimed at creating simple interactive environments for performances and/or installations focused on sound in a multimodal perspective. The techniques used will range from the use of plug and play controllers, to that of objects technologically augmented by means of sensors and actuators built and programmed by the students.






 (Dr Mark Bokowiec & Dr Julie Wilson-Bokowiec, University of Huddersfield)


21 and 24 February 2016


Lectures and seminar to the Master’s students


Dr Mark Bokowiec & Dr Julie Wilson-Bokowiec will give a presentation about their interactive electro-acoustic music practice with the Bodycoder System.Dr Mark Bokowiec will discuss the technical and compositional methodologies used in the realization of interactive compositions for performer and Bodycoder System, with particular reference to the choices made with regard to the mapping of sensor elements and Kinaesonics: the coding of real-time one-to-one mapping of sound, sound processing and spatialization to gesture and its expression in terms of hardware and software design.


Mark will also talk about the evolution of his interactive practice developed over the last 20 years.


Dr Julie Wilson-Bokowiec will talk about the specific skills of the

performer: musical, gestural and perceptual associated with live interaction and her work with the Bodycoder System. Julie will outline the links between dialogue and interaction, feedback loops, psychoanalysis and cybernetics as she sees it, and will discuss the greater social and cultural significance of interactive practice as a means of gaining insights and understandings with regard to the self within society.




Dr. Steve Savage, University of San Franscisco



THURSDAY 19/5/2016 (9.00-12.00)

THURSDAY 26/5/2016 (9.00-12,00)

Workshop 1: The Art of Digital Audio Recording


This workshop explores the applied music techniques used on contemporary digital recordings.  Topics discussed will include:


Recording environments

Microphones, mixers and speakers

Mic techniques

EQ, Compression, Delay and Reverb

Digital editing, mixing and mastering

Secrets to running a recording session

How to transition from student to intern to recording enginee



TUESDAY 17/5/2106 (9.00-12.00)

TUESDAY 24/5/2016 (9.00-12.00)

Workshop 2:  Bytes & Backbeats: Music in the digital age.


This workshop explores the cultural relationships of music creation and distribution where digital technology dominates the landscape.  Topics discussed will include:


In defense of auto-tune


Creating the hyperreal in classical music recordings Lipsmacks, mouth noises and heavy breathing Why Music is Easy: Hit song science The Benefits of Fraud: Art and artifice in popular music recordings Ignorance is Bliss: Capturing the unintentional performance The Scrubber Tool:

Analogue antecedents of the digital audio workstation.



Monday 16/5 (12.00-15.00)


"Paramètres spectraux de la voix en relation avec le système vocalique français, italien (par exemple) et l'expression des passions"

 JOEL HEUILLON  (Universite Paris VIII)


Note on the Voice in Musical Theater after 1945 



Thursday 19/5 (12.00-15.00)


Workshop (atelier pratique) sur la voix chantée avec les étudiants (3 h) sur : analyse spectrale intuitive de la voix dans le corps (lieux de résonance, et de "coloration" du timbre (résonateurs, directivité de la voix, masque de filtrage du son etc.)"





ΣΕΜΙΝΑΡΙΟ ΦΩΝΗΣ ΜΕ ΤΟ ΣΠΥΡΟ ΣΑΚΚΑ, στις 11.00 (Στούντιο 310)


Σας περιμένουμε στη διάλεξη του διεθνούς φήμης Βαρυτόνου Σπύρου Σακκά, διευθυντή του εργαστηρίου φωνητικών τεχνών,στο πλαίσιο του σεμιναρίου "Τεχνολογίες Τραγουδιστής φωνής", όπου θα μιλήσει για τα μυστικά της φωνής στη μουσική και το θέατρο και την συνεργασία του με τον Ιάννη Ξενάκη στην Ορέστεια και Κασσάνδρα.