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Yannis G. Malafis was born in Rhodes Greece,16th of November 1969. 
He currently teaches Audio Engineering, Classical and Electric Guitar at Alimos Music School. He has obtained a Bed Mus (Hons) Degree from Aberdeen University, Scotland (1993), Diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute of Technology (2007, Athens) and has completed his studies in Harmony (1991), Classical Guitar (1994), Counterpoint (1993), Fugue (1994). He also hols a Diploma in Composition (1997). For the last 20 years he teaches Music and  Audio Engineering at Music Schools in secondary education, Audio Engineering at SAE Creative Media Institute (Athens). He also has tought at Ethniko and Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon, (Athens University), Music Dept. (PD407), for many years (12), subjects related to Audio Engineering and Acoustics, such as "Microphones-Speakers-Loudspeakers", "Introduction to Audio Engineering", "Audio Engineering for Studio Production", "Computer Aided Acoustic Design of Enclosures", "Music for the Media". He has realised numerous seminars addressed to music school teachers of the secondary education, in subjects related to Music Technology and Audio Engineering. He is an acive member of the "Kallitechniki Epitropi", a Ministry of Education Comitee related to music and artistic education in Greece. He also is a candidate for a PhD at Ethniko and Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon, (Athens University), Music Dept., and is an active Steinberg Certified Trainer for Greece.

As a musician he is very active having realised numerus concerts, as he is an active member in a music ensemble playing guitars (classical, electric, acoustic)  and saxophones (alto, tenor). 

As an audio engineer and producer he has realised many productions in clasical, tradiotional, ethnic and byzantine music, and has been the audio engineer for many concerts in Athens Megaron, Kallimarmaro Stadium, Herodium and many other concert halls. Since 2008 up to today, he also is the audio engineer of the twice Gold Olympic Medal awarded Choir "Rosarte".